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Memorial Plaques for remembering those important to you

Whether you want to memorize a person, pet, or event, Advantage Signs & Graphics has the ability to provide you with a beautiful etched, precision tooled, or cast memorial plaques. Beautifully made from the highest quality metal alloys. We can provide for you a memorial plaque with a photo of your loved on in many different photo options.

Memorial Plaques are Fully Customizable

Choose from bronze, brass aluminum, copper, or stainless steel for your custom memorial plaque base material. You also choose your finish, colors, borders, fonts, and textures to create a personalized memorial plaque made to your specifications. Plaques can hold several lines of memorial plaque wording for your message.

Bronze is a historic casting material that has deep roots in human history, making it perfect for bronze memorial plaques depicting veterans, buildings, or historic figures. Brass is a high quality metal that can handle high detail etching very well, making it perfect for photograph plaques. Brass memorial plaques can handle a lot of small text very well. Your memorial plaque wording will not be lost in the detail. Aluminum memorial plaques are a sleek, modern way of preserving a special memory of a person, place, or event.

Memorial Plaques with Photo

Memorial Plaques can be personalized with a photo of your friend, family member, pet, or anyone else you’d like memorialized. We have decades of experience creating photo memorial plaques with many different fabrication methods. Choose full color ceramic inserts, or etch your photo right into the plaque itself. These metal plaques are perfect for cemeteries, as a photo makes a great memorial plaque for graves.

Memorial Plaques for any Occasion

Memorial Plaques: Guaranteed for Life

We at Advantage Signs & Graphics take much pride in the products we deliver to our customers. Each metal plaque we ship to you is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. Outdoor plaques, or indoor plaques are both guaranteed for life as long as the plaque is installed in its original location.

One of the major benefits of metal plaques are their durability and lifespan. Plaques last longer when ordered from Advantage Signs & Graphics.
Cast Bronze Memorial Plaque
Etched Photo Brass Memorial Plaque
precision tooled Aluminum Memorial Plaque
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Photo Relief Memorial Plaque

This photo method is one of the most impressive and cost effective for your memorial plaque. A mold is formed from a computer generated interpretation of your photo. This method requires high resolution photos for the best results. Not only can you have a stand alone portrait on your memorial plaque, but you can create a collage with multiple photos at no additional cost.

Etched Photo Memorial Plaque

An etched photo on your memorial plaque is created with a halftone image which will resemble a newspaper photograph. The photo is lightly etched onto the surface of the metal and then black paint fills these etchings to create your photo. High contrast photos work best. You can have an etched photo insert on a plaque with raised lettering, or choose to etch the entire plaque.

Giclee Printed Memorial Plaque

If you are wanting a full color portrait on your memorial plaque, the giclee printed option is a great choice. This method is not suitable for outdoor use, but works great if the plaque will be mounted indoors and away from direct sunlight. Giclee printing is a high resolution direct to metal printing method that us UV-Cured with non-elastic inks.

Ceramic Insert Memorial Plaque

A ceramic insert is the only color photo option that we offer that is suitable for outdoor use. This full-color enamel print transfer is baked and cured onto the ceramic for a long-lasting result. Your memorial plaque will look professional with an oval or rectangle ceramic insert included. Size restrictions apply.

Flat Relief Memorial Plaque

Our Flat Relief Portrait option is a great compromise to the bas relief which is much more expensive. Your memorial plaque will have a sharp look with this portrait method which is put together by a digital artist and rendered into vector art that is then tooled into the plaque using

Bas Relief Memorial Plaque

This hand sculpted portrait method is the most impressive photo method we offer for memorial plaques. These are most commonly seen on hall of fame plaques and make quite an impact on your finished product. The sculpted portrait is made into a mold for the bronze or aluminum and then hand finished with an oxidized coating to help enhance the detail on the sculpt.
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Bas Relief Photo Memorial Plaque
Flat Relief Photo Memorial Plaque
Flat Relief Photo Memorial Plaque
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